Custom Design

Here, at Deconduarte we are passionate about creating exclusive individual styles for our customers. There is nothing like receiving a piece that is perfectly tailored to your needs and wants for your dream outfit. This is why we offer our clients a one on one experience whereby the customer liaises with the designer in order to create the most personal & unique design.

This is perfect as it bring the customers vision to life using our designers expertise and eye for detail. Depending on style and fabric choice, our custom designs range from $300-400 AUD. It is noted that Deconduarte will only create customs within our design ethos. We are a unique brand that stick to creating new and innovative styles, this is why we prefer inspiration images that are designs of our own mixed with other ideas. We also allow our customer to choose styles as seen on our Instagram that may not be available for purchase on our website.

In order to go about your custom design, please contact us below and you will be connected with our head designer who will help you create the masterpiece you have envisioned. We require the following details: